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2016-17 Tryout Information

Saturday, April 30th
The Funkhouser Center

- You must have a physical and all forms required by the Athletic Training Department turned in prior to April 30th to be eligible to try-out. Please e-mail Coach Smith at to sign up.


Bridgewater is a Division III member of the NCAA and a member of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC). Our cheerleading program is one of the best in the ODAC. We are very proud of how our program has continued to grow and mature throughout the past few years. With a season that continues year-round, we cheer in the fall for football with 18-23 members on the squad, in the winter for basketball with 12-13 cheerleaders at each home game. We also make appearances at local community events.  

We are always looking for ways to improve our  cheerleading program, and by bringing in new talent, we keep the squad updated while continuing to represent Bridgewater traditions. We need members who are dedicated and willing to work hard. College is an important part in a student's life, and cheerleading only adds to that experience.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please e-mail Coach Smith at

Cheerleading Coach
Box 63
Bridgewater College
Bridgewater, VA 22812