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Screamin' Eagles Pep Band


About the Band:
The BC Pep Band is a student led group that plays highly spirited music to motivate the crowd at basketball and football games. Students select the music, organize rehearsals and create an annual policy. All student players are invited to join. The emphasis is on having fun.

Pep Band Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christine Carrillo

A letter from the President:

Welcome to the Screamin' Eagle's website!

Bridgewater College has been able to boast about a spectacular football team within recent years, claiming 5 conference championships in a row (Bridgewater Football). Behind that team lies the Screamin' Eagles Pep Band. A member since my freshman year, I can't even begin to put in plain words the amount of fun and excitement that our group has had!

Ranging from 20-30 members, we travel with the football team and cheerleaders to the majority of the games, including post-season playoff games. We play a variety of popular songs that inspire not only the team, but also the crowd. The football players' most requested number is, fittingly, Iron Man.

Other appearances of the pep band include the homecoming parade on our own float and the homecoming pep rally in the fall. We also do the occasional basketball game for both the men's and the women's games during the winter months.

Pep band leadership is made up of a group of student elected officers of President (affectionately renamed El Presidente for a former president), Vice President, Secretary, Librarian, Conductor, and Assistant Conductor.

Our rehearsals begin shortly after the start of the school year and are held once a week for about a month until most of the music is gone over. No memorization or marching is required! We usually make our first appearance at the first or second game (depending on where it's at) and keep on goin' until the very end. Attendance is not mandatory, but we know that once you start, you won't want to miss a thing!

Whether you are a football fan/sports fan in general, or not, you are always welcome to give us a try! Those of us who claim to be a BC football fanatic, myself included, are more than happy to fill you in on what we would consider "important BC football news."

Let's gooooooooooo Eagles!