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Short Game Facility


During the fall of 2013, Bridgewater College installed a short-game facility adjacent to the Mapp Tennis Courts for the men's and women's golf team to use to practice chip shots, putting and short tee-shots. 

Aside from the short-facility, the Eagles also make use of the practice facility at the rear of Nininger Hall for medium-range chipping and driving. 

The facility will aid the Eagles by allowing both squads to have an on-campus facility for the first time to practice distances and simple short-game play. 

"The practice facility on campus really gives us a nice place to play within walking distance of the dorms," said head women's golf coach John Rogers. "We finally don't have to drive all of the way across town to practice our chip shots and putts, we can walk across campus and have a facility all our own. It's a great addition."


Bridgewater's golf teams have recently had the opportunity to practice in the school's new indoor hitting facility. Both the men's and women's teams have used the facility, which was built for baseball and softball batting practice but has now proven useful for other varsity squads as well.

Measuring in at 40' wide x 130' long, the indoor facility includes a 100' net, a carpeted floor and lighting. The facility is able to be closed or opened during the course of the year with temporary dropped canvas in place for weatherization during the winter months. 

"It has really come in handy recently due to the weather," said head men's coach Lee Williams. "It gives the opportunity to at least hit balls, chip and putt, and this year it has kept us from falling three weeks behind other schools."

Men's golfers practicing at the new Indoor Facility (February 2015):