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Student-Athletes Present Step Up Program at National Conference

Student-Athletes Present Step Up Program at National Conference

INDIANAPOLIS - Over the weekend, the Bridgewater College Athletic Department was represented by a faculty member, certified athletic trainer and three student-athletes at the APPLE Conference, sponsored by the NCAA in Indianapolis.

Certified Athletic Trainer Sarah Cook was joined by football player JaRon Moody, baseball player Jonathan Mason and field hockey player Kelly Ryan on the trip which saw the group and its leader, Dr. Jill Lassiter present on the Bridgewater College Step Up program.  

Bridgewater’s contingency was one of two groups that was selected to present at the conference. Their presentation titled Step Up! Bystander Intervention Program was about what they have been doing with Step Up on the Bridgewater campus.  

Aside from their conference presentation, the group got to meet NCAA President Mark Emmert and took a visit to the NCAA Hall of Champions.

In conjunction with the NCAA's CHOICES program, Bridgewater College rolled out its Step Up Initiative around campus in 2011.

Bridgewater’s Step Up Initiative is geared towards alcohol abuse prevention and education and encourages students to take an active role in curbing the use and abuse of alcohol on the Bridgewater College campus.

The program was started after BC received a grant from the NCAA CHOICES program, which is a national effort to educate students about the risks involved with the misuse of alcohol.

Through the CHOICES program, the NCAA provides funding for NCAA member institutions and conferences to integrate athletics into campus-wide efforts to reduce alcohol abuse. CHOICES projects must partner athletics with other campus partners in the development and implementation of effective alcohol-education projects on college campuses.

The APPLE Conferences, developed and coordinated by the Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention at the University of Virginia, are the leading national training symposiums dedicated to substance abuse prevention and health promotion for student athletes and athletics department administrators.