Bridgewater Riders Have Big Weekend At Spring Show

WEYERS Cave, Va. - More than 40 Bridgewater College riders participated this past weekend at the spring SWVH/JA show hosted by the College's equitation club at the Bridgewater College Equestrian Center.

Two of those riders won every class in which they participated. Shelby Goodeman rode Winston Churchill to  a first place in the SWVHJA Adult Medal and then came back to make a clean sweep of all blue ribbons in the large and very competitive Adult Hunter Division. Caitlin Hewitt also had an outstanding day riding her young inexperienced bay gelding, Sox On The Beach,  to win the warm-up and then win all three classes of the Green Hunter Division.

Other ribbon winners representing Bridgewater College were:

Makenzie Allessio rode Mr. Trickster to   first, third and sixth place ribbons in the Intermediate Hunter Division.

Sarah Black rode Zenith to a third place in the Oak Ridge Medal, a fourth place in the SWVHJA on the Flat, and rode Traveller to a fifth place in the Adult Medal.

Carin Brown placed first and fifth on Tortillia Flat in the Special Adults.

Elizabeth Butler rode Happy Hour to sixth place in the Hopeful Hunters.

Lauren Casey was second in the SWVHJA Adult Equitation class riding Sephora and also rode her to third, fifth, and sixth place ribbons in the Adult Hunter Division.

Tara Deckel was fourth in the warm up, sixth in the Adult Medal and sixth in the Adult Hunters on Finally Mine.

Erin Dixon placed second on Sir George in the Special Adults.

Geordon Duncan was second, third, and fourth on Ringo Star in the Green Hunter Division and sixth in the SWVHJA Equitation on the Flat.

Kelly Dunn was fifth in the warm up on Title One.

Gillian Eiserman placed sixth and seventh in the Hopeful Hunter Division on Blue Rock.

Savannah English rode to a fifth in the Randolph College Medal on Title One.

Lindsay Ferguson was second on Ashley Tantawi's Stock Exchange in the Special Adults.

Corrie Fittz place second, third, and fourth in the Pleasure Hunter Division on Bailey.

Allision Gallamore rode to first, second, and second in the Pleasure Hunter on Sir George.

Marissa Callaway was fourth in the Adult Hunter over fences on Have a Heart.

Lindsey Goode was fifth in the SWVHJA Equitation on the Flat.

Chelsea Hames was first, second, and thirdin the Low Hunters, placed fourth in the Oak Ridge Medal  and was third in the SWVHJA Equitation on the Flat.

Courtney Horvath placed sixth in the Special Adults on Opening Lines.

Megan Lastner rode Prine Image to fifth place in the Intermediate Hunters.

Emily Leith rode Endeavor to a third and sixth place finish in the Adult Hunters.

Katie Leonard was second in the Oak Ridge Medal and third in the SWVHJA Equitation on the Flat.

Hailey Light was third, fourth an fifth in Hopeful Hunters class on Calvary.

Ashley Tantawi rode her own horse Stock Exchange in the green hunters to a second and two third-place ribbons.

Christy Midgett rode Abaco to first and second in the Pleasure Hunter Division.

Kaitlyn Nye rode Repeat to second and fourth place in the Pleasure Hunters.

Erin Pampe was third in the Randolph College Medal and second and fifth on White Collar in the Special Adults.

Cassie Pender was seventh in the Special Adults on her own chestnut gelding.

Jessica Perry rode Repeat in the Beginner Equitation to third, fourth and fifth place.

Emmy Rhodes rode White Collar in the Adult Medal and placed fourth. She was second, fourth, and fifth in the Adult Hunter division.

Jamie Robinson was second in the warm up and third , fourth, and fifth in the Adult Hunters aboard Tortillia Flat.

Taylor Rose was first, second and second in the Low Hunters, won the Oak Ridge Medal, was first in the SWVHJA Flat and second in the SWVHJA Medal.

Meghan Russell rode Perfect Remedy to a third and fifth in the  Pleasure Division and was sixth on Calvary in the Special Adults.

Emily Shade rode Repete to fifth place in the Hopeful Hunters.

Kelsey Slye was rode Opening Line to fourth and sixth place in the Pleasure Hunters.

Emily Smiko was third on Herbie in the Hopeful Hunters.

Kelly Sprinkle won dthe Randolph College Medal and was third, fourth and third in the Special Adults aboard Rio Grande.

Jackie Tremblay was fourth aboard her own Jamaican Jigs in the Special Hunters.

Victoria Wilson was fifth in the pleasures and sixth in the Hopeful Hunter aboard Tanqueray.

Lauren Young was sixth and sixth in the Pleasure Hunters riding her own Regent's Colen.