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Coach Grant Hard At Work In Preparation For 2013 Season

Coach Grant Hard At Work In Preparation For 2013 Season

By Steve Cox, Sports Information Director

With the winter sports season just around the corner, all spring sports coaches are busy making plans for the start of their 2012 campaigns.

All except Mic Grant, Bridgewater's College's head men's lacrosse coach.

Coach Grant is a coach without a team, a coach without a season.

The BC men's lax program will make its debut in the spring of 2013. That means Grant is more than a year away from coaching another game.

This is not unchartered territory for the BC coach. Several years ago, he started the Marywood  lacrosse program from scratch.  Grant coached at Marywood for five seasons and left with an impressive 41-24 record and two trips to the conference title game.

Going through the process before makes it easier the second time around.

"It's not easy, but easier," Grant said of starting a new program. "This time I knew what to expect."

In the meantime, Grant is busy doing one thing – recruiting. The new coach hopes to have 25-35 players in uniform when the Eagles take the field in 2013.

Since he's been on the job, Grant has brought more than 100 potential players on campus for recruiting visits.

"Right now, I have to deal in volume to some degree," Grant said. "The fact that we have no players along with the style that I hope to play means we need not only depth, but quality depth. We will need a lot of bodies to play the style I want."

So far, the BC coach has been pleased with the quality of the student-athletes expressing an interest in the upstart program.

"I've had some pretty good players on campus. There's a lot of interest in our program," Grant added. "We've had players who are contributors at good high school programs taking a look at what we have to offer."

Grant is about one-third of the way to his first-year recruiting goal with 10 verbal commitments to date. "That's ahead of the pace of when I started the program at Marywood. I'm excited about how things are progressing so far."

So, just what does a coach without a team do when the spring season does arrive?

According to Grant, there is still plenty of work left to be done.

"You're always recruiting," Grant added. "We'll keep going after high school seniors for our first season and we will also start looking at underclassmen for down the road.

"And there are a lot of details you have to take care of in preparation for your first year. I have to order equipment, order uniforms, work on the schedule. There's plenty to do. When you get ready to take the field for that first game, you want everything to run as smoothly as possible."

When the games begin this spring, Grant will take the opportunity to scout the rest of the ODAC teams.

"I'll get out and watch as many games as I can. Most of the programs in the ODAC video cast their games on the web, so I will watch a lot of those as well. It's a good opportunity to see how our future opponents are playing the game. The ODAC is an outstanding conference, one of the best in the nation. There are times when you will have four teams ranked in the Top 20. And, the teams at the bottom of the conference are making great strides and moving closer to those top four. When we do take the field in 2013, we will have a tremendous challenge."

Another detail Grant hopes to finish soon is the hiring of his staff.

"I'd like to have that done sometime this spring," he said. "That will give us time to sit down and discuss my coaching philosophy and make sure we are on the same page right away. Then, we can go out and hit the summer recruiting trail together as a staff."

No matter how busy Grant stays, nothing takes the place of practicing with your team and coaching the games.

"When March gets here, it's going to be difficult," Grant said of not having a team to coach this spring. "But with every passing week you get more excited and more energized.

"2013 will be here before you know it."