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Bridgewater Baseball Field

picture of baseball infield

Located in the Jopson Athletic Complex, the baseball facility has undergone numerous changes since its early days as Riverside Field. 

The field is a bermuda grass playing surface that was resodded in 2013 and including a natural clay-loam mix. In the summer of 1999, the underground irrigation system was upgraded. 

The field measures 325 feet down the left field line, 375 feet in the left field power alley, 405 feet to straight away center, 350 feet to the right field power alley, and 305 feet down the right field line. Two yellow 25 foot foul poles rise above the fence to mark the foul lines. A gravel warning track surrounds the outfield fence. In 1998, a windscreen was added to the outfield fence. Yellow protective tubing was also added to the top of the outfield fence. and more recently, the facility added a 10-inning scoreboard after the fence in left-center field.

The most recent renovations to the facility occured in 2013 and 2014 with the additions of improved dugouts and an indoor hitting facility. The $135,000 dugout project added additional seating, a protective fence and new padding at the home-plate backstop. The new dugouts also feature new bench seating, a helmet rack, bat rack and hangers for team apparel. Additional storage space is also provided in both dugouts for equipment. The field also underwent minor changes with new drainage in front of the third-base dugout to alleviate runoff. The new construction doubles the depth of the dugouts, while increasing the length by 33 percent.

Aside from the dugouts, the College also added a new indoor hitting facility that will be utilized by a number of teams. Measuring in at 40' wide x 130' long, the indoor facility includes a 70' hitting cage and another 55' cage with indoor mounds, a 100' net, a carpeted floor and lighting. Finally, the facility is able to be closed or opened during the course of the year with temporary dropped canvas in place for weatherization during the winter months.

The grandstand provides seating for 500 spectators. Located behind the grandstand is a concession stand, training room, restroom, and a storage shed that provides accessibility and convenience to the field.

photo from inside the dugout