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Donations of Horses to Bridgewater College

Calvin, one of Bridgewater's donated horses

Prospective Horse Donation Application

Much of the success of our program is the result of the wonderful horses donated to the College by friends of the equestrian program. We are pleased to receive these horses as they provide great riding opportunities for our students. The information below describes the process followed for donating a horse.

Before a horse can be donated to the Bridgewater College equestrian program, it must be evaluated by the Equestrian Center staff to determine if the horse can be used in our program. To make that determination, we require the owner to send the horse to the Equestrian Center for an evaluation that typically takes 1-2 months. All shipping, board, veterinarian and other expenses during the evaluation period are to be paid for by the owner. In addition, we may require the owner to send a recent video, veterinarian report and/or summary of competition results for the horse. Following the evaluation, we will advise the owner of our decision whether the horse is approved for the program and whether we can accept the gift.

An owner desiring to donate a horse to Bridgewater College and receive an income tax deduction for the value of the horse must comply with all applicable IRS regulations (see IRS Publication 561).  Prior to the College signing the Donee Acknowledgement part of IRS Form 8283 (an IRS requirement), the owner must provide the College with a copy of the appraisal to be filed with the IRS.  If the claimed value of the horse exceeds $5,000, the donor must get a "qualified appraisal" made by a "qualified appraiser" (as those terms are defined by the IRS) to determine fair market value.

If the horse is accepted for the equestrian program, a gift receipt for the horse will be sent to the donor from the College's Office of Institutional Advancement after all appraisal documentation is received from the donor.

Please note that if a horse donated to the College is subsequently sold, exchanged or otherwise disposed of by the College within three years of the date of the gift, the College must complete and file IRS Form 8282, and otherwise comply with IRS rules and regulations.

Anyone interested in donating a horse to the Bridgewater College equestrian program should contact Jerry Schurink, Director of Riding, at, or call Jerry at 540-515-3764.  A potential donor also should consult with her or his tax advisor as to the legal and tax implications of making the gift.

Thank you for your support of the Bridgewater College Equestrian Program!