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Tour of England Continues For Men's Soccer Team

The men;s soccer team poses for a photo in the Manchester United locker room.

CHESTER, England - On August 6, we got our stuff together to get ready for the move to our next hotel in Chester, England. However, before we set off in the early morning, we were able to visit the museum and go on a tour of the stadium at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club. The museum had a lot of rich history of the club that was created in 1905. The English and European trophies won by the team were on display. They have won the European Champions League and Europa League, and they have also won every trophy in the premiere league. We were able to sit where the players sit during matchday plus visit the locker room and press room of the stadium. After the tour we made our way to our next location in Chester. When we arrived and got settled in, we then had a training session at a facility not too far from the hotel.

The next day we started off early with a training session at Tranmere Rovers Football Club. They are a League 1, professional football team, just two leagues under the Premier League, the top league in England. The training session was very productive and gave a lot of insight to the team.

After the training session we made our way to Manchester for a tour of Old Trafford. This stadium is home of Manchester United. This stadium, and most football stadiums, consist of a lot of rich history because football it a big part of the culture and history in England. Just like at Stamford Bridge, we went through the museum and toured one of the largest stadiums in England, holding around 70,000 people. This football club has a lot of successful history behind its name, but also a tragedy known as the "The Munich Disaster." In 1958, the plane holding Manchester United staff and players went down causing several deaths. Overall, our day was long, but enriching and fun!

On Thursday, August 8, we had another early morning start. On the way to our second game, we made a couple stops. We stopped at Liverpool's' Anfield Stadium and Goodison Park, which is home to Everton. At both locations we stopped for pictures and our tour guide gave us a little history about each stadium as well. After that we made our way to our second and final game. We unfortunately lost to a good opponent, but we took a lot from the match as we prepare for the start of our season within the next week. 

Patrick Peach
Men's Soccer Team