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Packed And Ready To Go

Sydney Ryan and Morgan Todd will be blogging about the women's soccer team's trip to Europe.
Sydney Ryan and Morgan Todd will be blogging about the women's soccer team's trip to Europe.

On August 6th, 2018, we (the Bridgewater Women's soccer team) will be traveling to Europe for a soccer-training, game-playing, sightseeing 12-day journey.

Our first destination is Munich, Germany, followed by stops in Salzburg, Austria, and Prague in the Czech Republic. During the course of our action-packed trip, we will be doing exciting things such as whitewater rafting in the Alps, bike tours, visiting a concentration camp, and so much more that we will be updating you on throughout the two weeks.

Leading up to this trip, there has been so much planning, packing, and excitement. As incoming freshmen, we began planning and fundraising for the trip, selling scarves and working jobs during the school year and summers to raise money for all the fun things we were planning. Although we've been planning and sorting out all the details for two years, we can't believe it is already time to go on the trip. But we are very excited!

The last few weeks have been filled with texts, phone calls, and emails about our itinerary, what to pack, and so much more. "Should we wear athletic clothes or cute clothes?" and "Do you think this will all fit in my suitcase?" There have been phone calls and emails from our beloved alumni wanting to hear about our plans and wishing us the best of luck. There have been many questions from friends and family about what we're most excited for. Some things we're really excited for are playing the other teams in various countries and being able to have dinner with them afterward. It's such a cool experience to see the differences and similarities of the other teams and then to be able to meet them and get to know them a little bit as well. We also hear that the city of Prague is gorgeous!

We move in on Friday (August 3), train a few times, and leave Monday morning for the airport. We can't wait to see what Europe has in store for us! Check back here in a few days for more updates on our travels!

- Morgan Todd and Sydney Ryan