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The Journey Begins

Sydney Ryan and Morgan Todd will be blogging about the women's soccer team's trip to Europe.
Sydney Ryan and Morgan Todd will be blogging about the women's soccer team's trip to Europe.

On Friday, the team arrived in Bridgewater and began moving in to get the weekend started. We got through our NCAA meeting and then our team meeting, which was mostly about the important details of Europe. Luckily everyone remembered their passports! Later that night, we had a fun team dinner at a local restaurant in Bridgewater, bonding and loading up on delicious food. The best part of the night was finding out that one of our sophomores had not only moved into the wrong room, but the wrong dorm! Many snapchats were taken of the mishap, but fortunately, the other sophomores were close by to help her move into the correct room.

We started Saturday with a training session in the morning. We survived the dreaded beep test and all did very well, including the few who dry heaved for a few levels. On the other hand, we got to listen to music during our practice which is always a treat for us! After the first session, we had the afternoon to finish unpacking, have lunch, nap, and get ready for the night session. Some of us went to Panera and other restaurants, while some of us made sandwiches in our rooms and watched movies. We also took this time to decorate our rooms more, making them homey and comfortable. The night session was more technical and getting back in the rhythm of the game. We ended the practice with crushing two 88's, helping us improve our fitness.

Sunday morning, we had the morning off, giving us the opportunity to sleep in, go to church, or whatever else we wanted to do. Some of the juniors went to church, had lunch at their apartments, and watched a scary movie. Some of the other girls went to downtown Harrisonburg to have brunch. We had an afternoon session and started it off with another fitness test, the 120s. The field was very muddy and we were too by the end of it, but it was also successful! The rest of the practice we worked on our attacking situations and ended the practice with our favorite game - Quick Shot! Our night session was filled with a juggling ladder game and competitive small-sided games. We ended the practice with partner stretching in hopes of preparing our legs for our long plane ride tomorrow!

We are so excited to start our journey to Europe! It's all we've been thinking and talking about! For some of us, it hasn't really set in that Monday is the day, but don't worry! Only 12 hours until we are headed to the airport and it is officially real! Check back in with us in a few days to hear about our first day in Munich, Germany!

Auf Wiedersehen and goodbye!

- Morgan Todd and Sydney Ryan