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Women's Soccer Blog: We Made It To Germany!

The women's soccer team has arrived in Germany.
The women's soccer team has arrived in Germany.

Day one and two are complete!

Monday morning began with excitement as we put our last items in our bags and got ready for the bus ride to Dulles airport! Some rolled out of bed while most of us jumped out, running into our roommates' rooms to make sure they were up, too. We met in our athletic training room to weigh our suitcases, making sure we didn't exceed our 50-pound weight limit. Luckily we were all under 50 pounds! We hopped on the bus and made our way to Dulles. On the way there we played various card games and did card tricks.

When we made it to Dulles, we met up with some our teammates' parents who were joining us on the trip. We all got our boarding passes and made it through security with ease. Once we got to our terminal, we all grabbed lunch in the hour we had before our first flight boarded. During lunch, we called one of our alumni who again wished us the best and told us to enjoy every moment!

Our first flight was a breeze - only an hour and 15 minutes long with free WiFi. Woohoo! As soon as we landed in Atlanta, we hurried our way to our next gate because we had a very small window of time to get all 33 of us to the gate on the other side of the airport, which is one of the largest in the country! Thankfully, we made it with time to take a bathroom break before we loaded for our almost nine-hour flight.

On the plane, some of us got lucky with a whole row of seats to ourselves, while others had people on both sides of them. We watched movies, listened to music, and tried to sleep as much as possible before landing.

A million years later, we landed in Munich, Germany!!! We got off the plane, took a bus to the baggage claim and patiently waited (and prayed) for our bags to come. They did! Yay! We met with our tour guides, introducing ourselves and telling them what we would like to be called. In the discussion about nicknames, one of our teammates thought that the nickname for William was seriously "Billiam", instead of Billy. That's what jet lag will do to you!

After changing clothes and freshening up, we loaded on our double-decker tour bus! We drove to the city center of Munich, where we got lunch and shopped around before our bike tour began. While shopping around, we went into a shoe store because most of us are looking to buy authentic birkenstocks. One of our teammates picked up a pair of shoes from the ground but was quickly stopped by a woman saying, "No, no! Those are my actual shoes!!!" She quickly apologized, pointing out that they were just that cute!

Next we met in the Marienplatz to go on a bike tour of downtown Munich. We cruised around seeing all of the main, beautiful hotspots of Munich. Our favorite stop was the English Gardens, which was acres and acres of grass with a big, freshwater stream in the middle, where thousands of people were swimming and relaxing. We got to stop, swim in the stream, and get ice cream. When we got to end the tour, we brought the rain from the States and biked through a small storm. We enjoyed getting cooled off though!

After biking, we headed to our hotel to shower before dinner. Dinner was at a restaurant called Lamdorfer where we had pork schnitzel, cheese spaetzle, and pork roast. It was all very delicious! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, where some of us immediately hit the hay while others stayed up a little longer before finally getting some sleep after our long day of traveling and exploring Munich.

Our first two days have been so fun so far. We've loved seeing the sights and are trying to take in as much as possible! We're excited for our next adventure and our first game! Check back soon to see how we did!

- Morgan Todd and Sydney Ryan