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Women's Soccer Blog: Eagles Win First Game

The women's soccer team had dinner at the Hofbrahaus in Germany.

Bridgewater soccer players Morgan Todd and Sydney Ryan continue their blog detailing the team's stay in Germany.

On Wednesday, we started the morning with a tour of the FC Bayern München arena! We got to see their beautiful grass field, locker room, player's tunnel, and press conference room. Our favorite part was being able to walk through the player's tunnel while the UEFA Champions League theme song played like we were about to play a real game. We also learned that all the Bayern München players are given an Audi each season they play! We tried to convince Coach into a similar deal but he wouldn't budge. 

After our tour of the stadium, we were able to rest for a little while before our first game overseas. It was a warm, beautiful night for a soccer game. We traded flags and scarves with the other team and kicked off. After 90 minutes, we ended the game winning 11-1! After the game, we ate at an outdoor restaurant right behind the field, where we had the option of Bulvarian pizza, a chicken with mushroom dish, chicken schnitzel, or a tomato sauce pasta dish. We all ended up sharing with each other, enjoying each delicious dish.

Following dinner, we rushed to the bus, continuing our tradition of making the last person to the bus sing a song in front of the entire bus. One of our player's mom was the first victim and sang Baby Got Back, which we all, of course, loved watching. By the time we got back to the hotel, it was after midnight and we all headed straight to bed.

Thursday morning we had breakfast and headed to Dachau, a concentration camp near Munich. Some of us bought an audio-guided tour to use as we walked through the camp, giving us a lot of interesting information about the events that occurred at the historic site. It was a very somber, but informative tour. After having lunch in the museum area, the players headed to our training session while the parents headed downtown to shop and explore more. After our training session, we joined the parents and headed straight to the Birkenstock outlet store. More than half of our team walked out of the store with new shoes, completing our tourist look with matching Birkenstock shopping bags. New team shoes!

That night, we ate at the Hofbräuhaus, where we had a delicious chicken roast with German potato salad. There was also a live German band and German dancers who entertained us throughout dinner. At the end of dinner, a few of us hopped up on stage to help entertain as well, which was also a great show! We were hyped up as we headed for the bus and once again, ran for the bus, making the last person sing. This time, it was a player's aunt, who was actually very good at singing. That started a karaoke bus ride, singing and dancing to the best throwbacks. It got so energized that our bus driver stopped in the MIDDLE of the street to come up and join in on the party! We all had a good laugh and kept singing until we made it back to the hotel and headed off to our rooms after a long, fun day.

Germany has a been a great first stop and we're looking forward to our next country - Austria. Check back in to see all our adventures in a few days.

- Morgan Todd and Sydney Ryan