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Women's Soccer Blog: Next Stop - Austria

The women' soccer team watches a pro game in Austria.

Bridgewater soccer players Morgan Todd and Sydney Ryan continue their blog as the team finishes its stay in Germany and moves to Austria.

The next stop on our tour was Salzburg, Austria! We arrived Friday morning and again, brought the rain with us. Despite the rain, we started with a walking tour around the city. Luckily, our tour guide tried to keep us inside or under awnings as much as possible. We visited a museum where we went into a room with walls as a whole panorama painting of the city of Salzburg. It was really cool to see the city like that and have our tour guide easily point to things and give a little history. Next we saw lots of hotspots from the movie The Sound of Music! Believe it or not, a few people in our group had not seen the movie yet! However, for the rest of us, it was so fun to see and recognize places like the gardens where they saw Do-Re-Mi and the fountain where Maria danced during one of her solos. We also saw the birthplace of Mozart, another reason Salzburg is famous. Our guide also showed us the oldest bakery in the city and allowed us to stop and get freshly made bread. It was so delicious!

For the rest of the afternoon, we got to shop around and have lunch before heading to our hotel. Our hotel is an authentic, bed and breakfast type of place with the most beautiful views. There are cobblestone roads, beautiful balconies, marble staircases and so much more. This is our favorite hotel so far! We enjoyed a four course meal and live music in the hotel to finish our first day in Austria.

We woke up Saturday morning and had our second training session. We played a number/passing game, new to us, but one that our alumni had warned us about. However, we nailed it and actually thought it was fun! Overall, we had a great, high intensity training session. Next, we headed back to the center of Salzburg and explored the giant fortress, Hohensalzburg Fortress, which sat at the top of one of the highest mountains and overlooked all of Salzburg. We got some pretty great pictures at the top! Some of us ate at the café in the castle and some of tried other restaurant and food stands at the bottom in the city.

After we had explored and ate lunch, we headed to the Red Bull stadium to see the pro soccer match FC Red Bull Salzburg vs. Austria Wien. We had really good seats, only about 5 rows up from the field, making it really exciting and easy to be a part of the action. We got fans and used them as noisemakers to cheer on the teams like all the other fans! The home team, the Red Bulls, won 2-0.

After the game, we headed back to our beautiful hotel, where we split between three of the local restaurants for dinner. All of them were beautiful and authentic with gorgeous outdoor garden seating and very good German/Austrian food.

Tomorrow we go white water rafting on the Alps and we are all very excited! We will check back in in a few days to update you on more adventures!

- Morgan Todd and Sydney Ryan