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Women's Soccer Blog: Another Win Before Leaving For Prague

The women's soccer team prepares for its whitewater rafting trip in Austria.
The women's

Bridgewater soccer players Morgan Todd and Sydney Ryan continue their blog as the team leaves Austria and arrives in Prague.

Sunday morning, we woke up and drove to the beautiful Lake Königssee where we had two hours to explore and shop. Savannah (Cowan), Sydney Ryan, and Alyssa (Pearson), as well as a few others, took row boats out on the lake to explore even more. Savannah was the first one to row the boat and within two minutes out on the water she somehow dislocated both oars from the boat. Another boat had a dad, mom, and daughter and the dad made the girls row while he sat in the back and took pictures of the view. Afterward, we all met up and had lunch at a pizza place, where we got to choose from cheese pizza, margarita pizza, or a spicy sausage pizza. Next to the restaurant, there was a playground with a zip line that a few of us hopped on after we ate. There probably should have been an age limit on it because we were a little too big for it and hit the ground a few times.

Next, we got back on the bus and headed up the mountain for whitewater rafting! When we arrived, we geared up in full-body wet suits, from the wet socks to our helmets. We had to help each other squeeze into our wet suits, almost giving each other wedgies in the process! When we were all suited up, we took lots of funny, awkward pictures in different poses to go with our outfits. Once we got to the river, our tour guide, Pinot (Grigio) gave us a safety floating test, making sure we could float safely down the river without hitting rocks. By the end of our test we were gasping for air because of the coldness of the water - we were thankful for the wet suits then.

Next came the rafting! We spilt into five different boats and hit the river, going through the rapids and getting to know our raft guides along the way. There was a boat full of German people in front of us who started a splashing war with us, using their rafting paddles to dump the icy water on our boat. This, of course, began a war between all five of our boats. Anytime we got close enough, we splashed one another. About halfway through our ride, our guides stopped to show us a surprise - a 25-foot high jump off the side of a mountain into the river! The majority of our group was brave enough to jump while the others decided to just cheer us on from the bottom. Although we were brave, some of us needed encouragement and a countdown to get ourselves ready for the jump. One dad took a little too much time recovering from the drop and barely dodged the next jumper - his own daughter!

The rest of the jumps were successful and we continued down the rest of the river. Before finishing, one of the boats got to see a deer drinking from the river and the deer decided to go for a swim and crossed right in front of them. All in all, the rafting was a lot of fun and a great way to bond and finish the fun day.

Monday morning, we got the entire morning and afternoon to enjoy Salzburg for the final day. We visited the Sound of Music hotspots one more time and finished up souvenir shopping. Coach was exhausted from the night before, helping girls do their laundry, and didn't end up going to bed until 1 in the morning. During our free time, he found a tree in a park and took a two-hour nap. A small group of us rented bikes and got to see the house where the movie was filmed and the gazebo where the song "I Am 16 Going on 17" was filmed!

That night we had our second game. When we first got to the field, a huge storm rolled in, bringing all the rain and thunder. While we waited in the locker room, we played a heading game where we all would head the ball and try to make it in the trash can. A few delays later and we finally got to start the game. This game we invited our tour guide to play with us. She used to play and graduated from James Madison University (small world). Within five minutes, she had juked a player out and scored on the other team. For the last 20 minutes of the game, the rain came back and poured on us making it hard to see the ball in the air, but we were still able to control the game and come out with a win! Everyone played great and three other girls scored, ending the game with a 5-0 win! 

The next morning, we woke up bright and early to depart for Prague! Halfway through our 6-hour drive, we stopped in Česky Krumlov, where we explored, shopped, and had lunch. After a few hours of exploring the beautiful city, we left and finally arrived in Prague. We dropped our stuff at our hotel and headed to our third and final training session. We worked on the weight of our passes and really connecting with our teammates. It was very high intensity before we ended the practice with partner stretching (another favorite).

We had dinner in the hotel, which was a buffet with fruit, rice, vegetables, potatoes, and yummy dessert! We have two full days left in our exciting European journey and we still are very excited! Check back in to hear about our final days in Prague!

- Morgan Todd and Sydney Ryan