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Women's Soccer Team Receives Ethics And Sportsmanship Gold Award

The women's soccer team received the Ethics and Sportsmanship Gold Award from United Soccer Coaches.

BRIDGEWATER, Va. – The Bridgewater College women's soccer team has received the Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Gold Award from the United Soccer Coaches for the 2018 season.

This is the sixth consecutive season the Eagles have received the Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award. A year ago, the team received the Bronze Award and the previous four seasons the team received the Silver Award.

The Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award was created to recognize teams that exhibit fair play, sporting behavior, and adherence to the laws of the game.

A team may not have received any red cards at any time during the season to be considered. The season includes all regular season and play-off contests.

The award level is determined by a formula involving the number of games played and the number of yellow cards received. The percentage formula is the number of cards accumulated divided by the number of games played (i.e., 5 cards divided by 20 games played is 0.25 or 25%, which qualifies for a Silver Award).

The Eagles received two yellow cards in 21 games for 9.5 percent, qualifying the Eagles for the Gold Award.

The award levels are: Platinum Award: 0 Yellow Cards, 0 Red Cards; Gold Award: 1-10%; Silver Award: 11-30%; Bronze Award: 31-50%