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Abroad in Spain With Rachel Gaston

rachel gaston and jay friendly in spain

BRIDGEWATER, Va.Bridgewater College volleyball's Rachel Gaston and Jyailah Friendly recently completed a May term trip to Spain. Read what Rachel had to say about her experience below.

"Visiting Spain was an incredible experience! We visited the cities of Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Costa del Sol, Seville, Madrid, and Toledo. We were very busy for a majority of the trip, as many mornings began with sight seeing and tours of various famous structures, including La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Alhambra Palace in Granada, the Cathedral of Seville, and the Royal Palace of Madrid. Every single structure we encountered was designed and constructed with the intent to create something beautiful, as every detail of the building was purposeful and precise. When visiting Spain, I learned that our culture significantly varies from Spanish culture, as their pace of life is much slower than ours. However, this change in pace was enjoyable because it allowed me to admire my surroundings and value my experiences throughout my visit. I am so thankful for this opportunity to visit Spain, as I created memories that will remain with me for a lifetime."